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Safe As Houses

4/4/2012 3:03:24 PM

Making a sound financial investment that will make your money work for you is something we all want to achieve – but it can be confusing when considering what kind of venture to put your hard-earned cash into.

So when it comes to putting your money into something tangible that should offer security, the expression ‘safe as houses’ has never been more apt.  Investing in a buy-to-let property to rent to students or professional tenants is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to paying into a savings account or a pension. Those taking up the option often get excellent capital growth and rental returns – indeed, some of our recent investments have been producing returns against capital employed of up to 20 per cent.

There are many factors that make now the opportune time to consider this type of investment: interest rates remain at their lowest for 50 years, while rents have increased with inflation and are still rising, and demand for rental properties has risen for both the student and the residential sectors.

Financial lenders are now showing a new found confidence in the buy-to-let sector too with a greater number of products being made available to potential buyers at competitive fixed rates. According to, an independent financial comparison website, there are 100 more deals on offer now than a year ago.

There are also improved deals available. comments: “The heightened competition among lenders to attract landlords has also seen the average buy-to-let rate drop from 5 per cent this time last year to 4.79 per cent.” 

Therefore it really is a buyers’ market, and in turn a landlords’ economy.

In addition, if you have an existing property portfolio, equity release could present a viable option in order to facilitate growth of your existing portfolio.

Since Lighthouse Property Services was first established in 2001 we have assisted many landlords in acquiring residential property as part of their investment planning. Our specialist investment sales department markets properties for sale that are already let – so you will be generating income from the day the sale has completed. And by engaging Lighthouse to look after the property for you, you can reap the financial gains without having to concern yourself with the, often intensive, day-to-day management of the property or tenants. 

For further information and to discuss the potential of buy-to-let or your portfolio growth strategy please contact Simon Sewell on 01522 780020 or email

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